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"Bangover are as crazy as they sound and will actually give you a ‘bang over’ (the pain you get the next day from too much headbanging, but I guess that’s the point) one of the most noticeable things about this band is that one of them is dressed as a tube of tooth paste. This year’s Evil Scarecrow." (

Festival Flyer

“We then spent some time over at the Jagermeister stage to check out Bangover (9). A circle pit around the tent and crowd surfing to the main stage… how could we not give them a 9? Oh yeah, the music was decent as well!” - (Link includes a video of the crowd surf!)

Summer Festival Guide

 “Saturday sees the tiny but loud Jager stage fired up with UK scamps Bangover who have gathered a frankly massive crowd then incited them to create a circle-pit around the entire stage, only to then crowd surf (well you know… be ceremoniously carried) from there to the main stage at the end of their set.” -

Rock out Stand Out - 9/10

“Shovel Butcher is not suitable for background noise, it is an album that requires your undivided attention.

Loud Enough? 

“Bangovers debut album is loud, fast, brash and damn good fun. Filled with metal riffs, twin guitars, pounding drums and heavy vocals, it’s the kind of music that makes you want to get up and headbang. The songs are completely structured but never pretentious”– Available here

The Guardian

Mention in the article: Mass brawls and possessed guitar pedals: the high-speed hijinks of British thrash metal

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